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RIlock is the new locking device developed by RIALCA DUE for GET. Rialca Due has developed a new locking devices for buckets teeth using it 30 years of experience in spare parts and particularly in locking devices for GET. RIlock is an innovative product and it is under PAT PENDING.

 RIlock Hammerless Pin


Hammerless Locking Pin

RIlock works with every tip and adapter available on the market

RIlock has been designed on the measures of the standards system Caterpillar J, Komatsu and Fiat Hitachi, so RIlock pin and retainer can be installed on every tip and adapter available on the market. This means maximum flexibility for customers because they can use RIlock with tips and adapters they prefer.

RIlock makes Hammerless to traditional GET systems CAT J, Komatsu and Fiat Hitachi.

Using pin and retainer RIlock common teeth system on the market Caterpillar J, Komatsu and Fiat Hitachi (knew also as Fixmet or Orca) become hammerless. To fix tips on adapter will need just a simple rotation of the RIlock pin with 2 normal allen.

Higher retention due to mechanical locking means Zero tips losses.

The mechanical seal between pin and retainer of RIlock guarantee more retention than standard systems with elastic retainer. This is an important advantage that allows to delete the dangerous and expensive problem of tips loses that can happen in particular working on rocks or in water.

Hammerless pin means Occupational Safety and Convenience

RIlock will make you forget hammer, in fact it enter and go out in tips and in adapters holes using hand. The only tools RIlock need to be locked by 2 allen. Use hammer can be dangerous and uncomfortable, but this is no longer a problem with RIlock.

Install with easy rotation means Quick Installation and Removing

Installation and removing with RIlock are faster than standard pin and retainer that need hammer, RIlock make them easier and fater, saving time means saving money.

RIlock Hammerless Pin

Retainer Throat
The Throat on the retainer is made to recieve the expandable spheres of RIlock pin in order to seal together pin and retainer with more retention than normal system.

RIlock Hammerless Pin

Expandable Spheres
The expandable spheres can move inside the radial channel on the pin. When RIlock is not fixed with the 2 allens, the spheres can move and allow the pin to fit in and fit out the retainer doing a “clack” sound.

RIlock Hammerless Pin

Pin Retainer Beat
In the same side of the spheres there is a raised beat to help pin to fit in the retainer, in fact it has been designed to stop the pin at the right alignment with the retainer.

RIlock Hammerless Pin

On the pin face in the same side of spheres there is a hole that receive the screw; it allows to fix the spheres in the retainer throat and so to fix hardly pin and retainer in the tips. It is a mechanical seal that has more retention than normal elastic ring that can make lose the tip.
The hole on the surface is larger to prevent that the water of the hole can compromise dismounting.

RIlock Hammerless Pin

Back Allen
On the back side of the pin there is an other allen hole: it receives an other allen to prevent that the wear of the hole can compromise dismounting.

Rubber Plugs

Rubber Plugs
The 2 holes in the pin are protected by debris using rubber plugs. They can be put with fingers and removed with the help of a screwdriver.

RIlock Hammerless Pin 
 RIlock Installation

How To Install



Remove the 2 plugs from bottom and front of the pin, using a little screwdriver.



(A) put RIlock retainer in the throat of the adapter and 
(B) put on your tip on adapter nose, as usual.

Step 3


Insert RIlock pin.
ATTENTION: insert from other side of adapter throat.
ATTENTION: insert pin on the edge of spheres.

Step 4


Insert pin until there is CLACK sound. Then RIlock is ready to be fixed.

Step 5


Put allen A on bottom of pin to keep pin stopped. Put the allen B on the edge of spheres and rotate to screw RIlock until it is well locked.

Step 6


Put the 2 plugs to protect allen holes from soil and concrete.

 How To Remove

Step 1


Remove the 2 plugs using a screwdriver.

Step 2


Put allen A on bottom of pin to keep pin stopped. Put the allen B on the edge of spheres and rotate to screw RIlock off until it is loose.

Step 3


Remove RIlock pin

 Step 4


Remove consumed tip.

Step 5


Remove RIlock retainer.

Step 6


For next installation clean the adapter throat for the retainer if dirty.

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