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Kennametal Construction tools have everything you need for a variety of cutting applications. Whether it is road planning, drilling, trenching, waste recycling, or mining Kennametal has your tool.

Construction Tools

Kennametal Road Razor ECO

Kennametal tblocks

Kennametal Trenching Machine

Road Planning

This line of cutting tools for road planning feature extra-heavy steel bodies, wide collars for better rotation and block face protection, long retainers for a secure fit and block bore protection, and tough tip geometries manufactured with Kennametal’s exclusive patented tungsten carbide. From the newest RP tool innovations with ribbed tips to the time-proven Legacy workhorse series, these conicals are the longest lasting in the industry! Kennametal’s heavy-duty blocks, including the new Pro-Fit block systems, feature extra-large bases in quick-change or easy-to-weld styles, a locking taper that provides zero movement of the sleeve in the block, and the ability to make accurate tool changes in the field while maintaining cutting angle and skew.

Stabilization and Asphalt Reclamation

Kennametal offers a variety of carbide-edged blades, all-steel blades, conicals, and toolholders for your soil stabilization and asphalt reclamation needs.

Chain & Wheel Trenching Tools

Kennametal’s premium conicals provide maximum penetration in all cutting conditions, from soft shale to hard rock or concrete. They feature wide collars for maximum block protection and better rotation, solid carbide tips made from the toughest carbide in the industry and available in varying geometries for any cutting condition, and different retention methods so you can choose the one that’s right for your particular application and block style.

Kennametal’s heavy-duty blocks are designed for maximum strength and rigidity and feature a wide weld chamfer.


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