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Drill Pipe

Viqing Pipes

Viqing manufactures friction welded drill pipes in the range 48-140mm outer diameter. Friction welding is a controlled process that achieves a high strength bond between the tube and tool joints. Larger pipes, over 140mm, are welded with conventional methods.
Working together with the leading material manufacturers/suppliers in Europe ensures high quality products. Cold Drawn Seamless tubes ensures high strength, straight pipes with no scale.
Their Tool Joints are made out of micro alloy steel with a hard surface for wear resistance and a tough core for fatigue resistance. Heat treatment is performed by the leading provider of thermal processing services worldwide, Bodycote.
Viqing manufacture API threads as well as other threads available in the industry. The API threads are inspected with API certified thread gauges after manufacturing.

Reverse Circulation (RC)

Viqing RC

Friction welded dual wall drill pipes for drilling reverse circulation. Pipes up to outer diameter 140mm are friction welded. Larger pipes are welded conventional. We can supply most threads on the market.
Viqing make accessories such as saver subs, cross over subs, dig out subs, air swivels, cutting swivels and blow down – and – up subs. Viqing make complete RC conversion kits, cyclones and splitter.


Viqing Accessories

Viqing manufacture a wide range of accessories for drilling. Non-return valves, for both mud and air, stabilizers, wrenches, hammer sleeves and chucks with guiding, fishing tools and lifting tools. They also make overburden equipment such as guide sleeves and casing shoes.


A wide range of standard cross over subs, saver subs and bit subs with API threads are available.
In addition to our standard range of subs/adapters we can manufacture customized subs by your specifications.
The sub are made out of micro alloy steel with a hard surface for wear resistance and a tough core for fatigue resistance as standard. Viqing can also supply adapters/subs made out of 4340 Q&T or equivalent.

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