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Rockmore International is a leading global manufacturer of premium quality percussive rock drilling tools. With manufacturing centers in two hemispheres and distribution centers on nearly every continent, Rockmore International provides a wide range of quality tools to mining, construction, tunneling, quarrying, and water well projects all over the world.

Rockmore DTH Drilling and Hammers

Rockmore DTH Hammers

Drilling Equipment

Rockmore International manufactures the finest and most efficient Down-the-Hole (DTH) hammers and bits for the mining, construction and water well industries. Drill and blast engineers and water well contractors trust Rockmore’s DTH equipment because of the precision engineering and high standards of drilling efficiency built into each of our hammers and bits.

Rockmore’s ROK series DTH hammers

Optimal energy transfer is essential to DTH drilling efficiency – how much compressed air power is delivered to the bit. That’s why we have revolutionized air flow management in the new ROK series high-performance DTH hammers. Our patent-pending SonicFlow technology minimizes backflow and turbulence, enabling the piston to hit the bit harder and with greater frequency. That means increased efficiency, more power, faster penetration. And the streamlined design means fewer parts and easier maintenance. So for greater productivity, get ready to ROK.

Rockmore DTH Hammer
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