Forepoling Systems

Mincon products have proven themselves superior to others in the market through the close tolerances in manufacturing, special heat treatment processes, and superior design.

 Forepoling Systems

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FOREPOLING RING BITS AND CASINGS are designed for drilling injection casings for tunnel construction in weak ground conditions. Ring bit systems are designed for both top and DTH hammers. Ring bit systems can be delivered with or without the casings.

Main applications for forepoling systems are:
1. Spiling casings
2. Fibre glass face stabilization
3. PVC foundations


Forepoling System Design Features

  • Casing shoe and ring bit are integrated with strong shoulders
  • Ring bit welded to starter casing in factory
  • Heavy duty ring bit protects the pilot gauge buttons
  • Optional one way valves for grouting installed in factory (3-10 bar)


System is available from 76 to 216 mm casings and for all major DTH shanks and top hammer threads. Threaded casings are available with 2-3 start trapezoidal threads and 10 mm entrance.

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