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C20H Carrier Mounted Splitter

C20 Carrier Mounted Splitter The C20H is the largest Darda splitting cylinder and is designed to be used in conjunction with a 5-7 ton excavator. The cylinder is mounted to the carrier using one of four different methods: chain, carriage, and two different types of rigid mounting configurations. The C-20 is extremely well suited for ledge work and larger trenches, and is effective at removing large blocks of rock.

Darda C20J C20H

Top: C20J Bottom: C20H

Darda C20C C20V

Left: C20C. Right: C20V

Specifications C20VerticalHorizontal
DimensionsC20 CC20 VC20 HC20 J
Total length 1, 21628 mm1833 mm1790 mm2110 mm
64 inches72 inches70 inches83 inches
Total Width304 mm500 mm382 mm400 mm
12 inches20 inches15 inches16 inches
Total Height462 mm558 mm765 mm410 mm
18 inches22 inches30 inches16 inches
Total Weight 2285 kg390 kg395 kg375 kg
630 lbs860 lbs870 lbs830 lbs
Recommended device carrier weight5-7 t11020 - 15430 lbs
Wedge Set
Length wedge set N / L500 / 700 mm20 / 28 inches
Drill hole diameter76 mm3 inches
Drill hole depth N / L min.750 / 950 mm30 / 38 inches
Splitting force theoretical N / L1500 / 1800 t14.7 MN / 17.7 MN
Hydraulic Connection
Connection Pressure, min.175 bar2500 psi
Connection Pressure, max.270 bar3900 psi
Operating Pressure500 bar7300 psi
Oil flow, max.100 l/min22.7 US gal/min
Operating Material
Darda Special Lubricant
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