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Established in 1984 Soosan has dedicated all its effort to design indigenous customer friendly equipment and machinery. Nowadays recognized as one of the world leading manufacturers of hydraulic breakers, demolition attachments, crawler drills and truck mounted cranes, Soosan is the top brand in domestic markets and exports 70% of its products to 70 different countries around the world.

Soosan Hydraulic Breakers

Medium & Heavy duty
range of breakers

SQ Series

The Soosan SQ breaker series is a practical innovated hydraulic breaker whilst maintaining the superiority percussion mechanism and easy maintenance of their proven SB series.

Soosan SQ140

Designed with many special features
The advanced gas and oil percussion mechanism generates extra power by accumulated gas pressure which ensures a very reliable performance with a wide range of excavator pump conditions.

IPC & ABH Systems
Integrated Power Control & Anti-Blank Hammering System allows you to choose from 3 different modes.
The automatic anti-blank hammering function (shut off) can be switched off or on. The operator can select the correct operating mode from high frequency with normal power and low frequency with extra power.
With this advanced system the operator may choose the correct mode in accordance with on site requirements in a matter of minutes and with a minimum of hassle.

Auto shut-off & easy start function
Breaker Operation can be automatically stopped in order to prevent consequential damage to the power cell due to the blank hammering, especially in secondary breaking or when the operator in unskilled.
Breaker Operation is easy to restart when pressure is applied to the chisel from the work surface.

Enhanced vibration dampening & sound suppression system
Meet strict noise regulations and allow for more comfort for the operator.
Further features are standard connections for underwater operation and an automatic lubrication pump.

Medium Range

SQ 60-80 Specifications
Soosan SQ180 cutaway

Soosan SQ180 cutaway

Heavy-duty Range

SQ 100-130 Specifications
SQ 140-180 Specifications


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