Simex is a world leader in the production of earth-moving attachments used to perform compaction, crushing, milling and a whole lot more. They hold several patents on our product technology. To design and produce innovative attachments for the earth-moving industry and find solutions to the most challenging applications. 

Rumble Strip 3-in-1  RS16


Simex introduces the RS16 planer, a new and effective solution for creating rumble strips. The full attachment is made up of a planer on a special chassis. When intermittent milling is no longer necessary and the planer has to work in continuous mode, the front support is simply removed. In a few simple steps, the drum can be replaced (the same drum can be used in the previous two functions) with a “multi-tooth” drum, making the planer suitable for its third function: a line remover / stripper.


By adjusting the width of the drum and modifying the shaft mechanism that sets the istance between the strips, rumble strips can be milled to a depth and with spacing according to required specifications.

Technical Details Rumble Strip Grinder - RS16

The planer moves along smoothly with no vertical movement. The camshaft functions allows the roller wheels to run smoothly and the operator is not subjected to unnecessary discomfort

Rumble Strip Grinder - RS16
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