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Creighton Rock Drill is the distributor of the Ecovolve Electric Dump Carts and have the ED800, ED1000 and ED1500 available for sale or rent. The Ecovolve range of dump carts are the world’s only high-tip, fully electric dump carts. These dump carts have zero emissions and a full-day of battery power making the Ecovolve dump carts suitable for a wide range of industries, for example: construction, demolition, tunneling, underground, industrial and others.

Ecovolve ED 800

Ecovolvo ED 800

Ecovolvo ED 800

The ED800 is the smallest electric dumper from the ED Range. With a max skip of 800kg, and a turning circle of 1.6 m/63 inches, this makes the ED800 ideal for tight spaces and confined areas.  Its battery pack will provide power for a typical working day on just an 8-hour charge.

At only 31″ wide the Ecovolve ED800 Dump Cart is the most compact of the Ecovolve range of dump carts. The Ecovolve ED800 dump cart can easily fit through a standard pedestrian doorway and navigate its way through narrow corridors and tight spaces. It is suitable for works where materials can only be transported using a large passenger elevator or small cargo elevator.

With a pay load of 1,750 lbs and a top speed of over 4 m.p.h. the Ecovolve ED800 is unrivalled for movement of materials in limited access areas.

  • 31″ wide
  • 1,750 lbs pay load
  • high dump (5’3″)
  • 63″ turning radius
  • 8 hour run time at full capacity on a full charge

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