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Creighton Rock Drill is the distributor of the Ecovolve Electric Dump Carts and have the ED800, ED1000 and ED1500 available for sale or rent. The Ecovolve range of dump carts are the world’s only high-tip, fully electric dump carts. These dump carts have zero emissions and a full-day of battery power making the Ecovolve dump carts suitable for a wide range of industries, for example: construction, demolition, tunneling, underground, industrial and others.


Electric Hi-Tip Dumpers

Ecovolve - Dumpcart

Ecovolve – Dumpcart

Ecovolve designs and manufactures compact electrical/green machinery. The electric dumper range (ED800, ED1000 and ED1500) from Ecovolve are versatile new machines, capable of operating both indoors and out.
The largest of the ED range (the ED1500)  is still less than 1.2 meters/47 inches wide with a turning circle of just 1.6 meters/63 inches. All of the Ecovolve electric dumper range has been designed with tight spaces in mind. Its battery pack will provide power for a typical working day on just a 8-hour charge.

The electric dumper is perfect for use where operating levels must be low while the compact size and turning circle means the ED can go where others can’t.

 The Ecovolve Electric Dumper Range brings these unique features to the market.
  • Emission Free
  • Low Noise
  • High Tip
  • <1.2 Meter Wide
  • Remote Control (Optional)

 The ED Range

The Electric Dumper Range from Ecovolve is the worlds only fully electric hi-tip dumper. The dumpers are available in three different weight capacities – 800 kg, 1000 kg and 1500 kg skip. There are no fumes, no emissions, low noise and the steering system significantly reduces the risk of unwanted tyre marks. What’s more is that the super elastic tyres eliminate the possibility of puncture, making the ED Range suitable for both indoors and out.

You can also order your dumper in custom colors to suit your business colors.

ED 800
ED 1000
ED 1500

Ecovolve All 3-Models

Specification Diagram

Specification Diagram

Specifications Table