Matex Control Chemical
Control Chemical (1989) Corporation has been a manufacturer of high performance drilling fluid systems and our proprietary vegetable oil lubricants under the Matex brand name for 22 years.

The Matex products include down hole lubricants, specialty polymers, foams, tool lubricants, blast hole stabilizers, thread compounds and non-alcohol environmentally safe freeze control fluids. These products are used for diamond drilling, horizontal directional drilling, rotary and percussive drilling. Benefits derived from these products include improved core recovery, increased production, hole stabilization (Blast hole and RC), unsurpassed DTH and tri-cone lubrication. Drilling applications include mineral exploration, mining production, oil & gas, construction, water well and geotechnical.

The cost saving benefits of extended tool life, simplified fluid systems, efficient core recovery and increased production has created a client base of major mining and drilling companies worldwide.

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