Interview with Mike Choma

Interview with Mike Choma

Mike Choma joins Creighton Rock Drill as Wear Solutions Manager

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Q1. – Hello Mike! Congratulations on your new position with Creighton Rock Drill as the Wear Solutions Manager. I understand you bring a significant amount of experience to this role. 

Mike: Thank you. Yes, for the past 20 years I have been dealing with impact, abrasion, and corrosion resistant steel plate, shafting and fabrication

Q2.  – When we talk specifically about Wear Solutions, what does that entail?

Mike: At Creighton Rock Drill, we want to establish ourselves as a leader in wear solutions.  We want to find that value added solution for the customers issue in an effort to increase productivity and minimize downtime.

Q3. – So if I understand correctly, the industries involved are FORESTRY, MINING, QUARRY & AGGREGATE, RECYCLING and ROADBUILDING?

Mike: To name a few yes. You could also add STEEL MILLS, CEMENT and ASPHALT PLANTS as well.

Q4.  – Can you share with us a couple of unique or large projects that you have been involved with?

Mike: I have coordinated a re-lining of truck boxes, dozer blades and large buckets on a fleet of mobile construction equipment.

Completed a project of re-lining of a BF stock house, utilizing a variety of wear materials for maximum efficiency

Also completed were 21” and 22” material pipe handling

Q5.  – For many of us who just see steel as a heavy piece of strong plate, has steel really changed that much over the years?

Mike: Absolutely, not all steels are the same.  There are over 3,000 grades of steel and within the abrasion resistant group of steels there are different grades with varying chemistry and mechanical properties each providing different performance.

Q6.  – Sounds like there’s a lot of choices with very specific solutions for each application. How would you help the end user decide which is best for them?

Mike: The customer and Creighton would have to work together to understand the application. Every wear issue has different variables.  Through a series of questions and discussion of customer priority we would match the product to the best solution. 

Q7 – Thank you Mike! We have learned a lot more about steel and the many options that are available to each application and user.

If anyone would like to tap into your knowledge, how could they contact you?

Mike Choma – Wear Solutions Manager