Mine Runner - Personnel Transporter

Mine Runner - Personnel Transporter

BTi Mine Runner


Safety and emissions have a tight grip on Mining Operations, to couple that with the need to be productive and efficient is a task capable only of the BTI Mine Runner All-Purpose Vehicle. A modern-day transportation solution aimed to provide a safe and powerful solution for the movement of personnel to and from work sites.
Breaker Technology’s Mine Runner is engineered from the ground up to be a leader in personnel safety and operational flexibility. The Mine Runner is equipped with a Hydraulic Wheel Drive Motor, providing for greater power to the wheels and extended maintenance and duty cycles.
The Mine Runner is put through a plethora of tests and needs to meet strict safety standards. Independently tested and certified ROPS/FOPS operator cabins come standard. The ever increasing payload requirements and tramming distances have exceeded the capabilities of the typical re-purposed highway 4x4 style truck. Unlike many over the road type vehicles being modified for use underground, the Mine Runner is purpose-designed and built for the underground mining environment.




Powered by BTI’s innovative “Hydraulic Wheel Drive” fluid controlled power train, the Mine Runner is capable of easy customization to optimal configurations without hindering performance or longevity of components.
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